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Every single child in the country has the right to receive a high-level of education. However, there is a substantial difference in the level of education of students belonging to private and government schools. The education standard of government schools is generally lower than that of private schools because of the lack of facilities and amenities. But, this is not the case with government schools of Ponnani. A project named “We With You” brought the government schools of Ponnani at par with the private schools.

What is project We With You?

We With You is an educational project undertaken by the panchayat of Ponnani in association with Edumia.  The foundation of this initiative was laid in 2018 when the Ponnani Municipality decided to reshape the govt schools of Ponnani. Through project We With You, they aimed to lift the standard of education of government schools of the panchayat. So, they turned to Edumia for help. Edumia contributed to this project by implementing the Edumia app, which is an all-in-one school management and education app. Hitherto, the app has been implemented in 33 government schools of Ponnani.

Challenges faced by government schools of Ponnani before Edumia’s implementation

Everyone from the students, teachers, staff members to the parents faced several challenges before the implementation of the Edumia app. The major challenges were:

  • The biggest challenge before the implementation of Edumia was the lack of technical knowledge among teachers, students and parents. Most of the individuals were not tech-savvy, so they faced difficulty in learning ‘how to operate the app’. Hence, initial training was required.
  • Before the app’s implementation, parents were completely unknown or had very little knowledge of the progress of their children. There was even a communication gap between the school and the parents. Hence, parents could not be an active part of their child’s education.
  • The different departments of the school had to handle all the tasks manually whereby redundant tasks consumed unnecessary time and hampered the overall productivity of each department.
  • It was a tedious task for the school’s administration to handle admissions, examinations, and inquiries along with record-keeping and reporting.

Solutions provided by Edumia

Edumia designed multipurpose school management software that automated most of the tasks and allowed the digital model of school management. It was implemented in 33 government schools in the area. Edumia’s app served as a boon for government schools.

With the software, the school’s admission process, administrative tasks, and communication between parents as well as the school became streamlined and seamless. The school’s staff was able to maintain student’s track record, attendance, and other details with ease. Hence, it saved time. It also empowered the teachers as well as the students. The teachers could upload study materials in the app while students could access the materials from any physical location and at any chosen time. It facilitated online classes.

Some other advantages of the app are:

  • Edumia’s all-in-one app is accessible from any device. The software can be used in laptop/PC, while there’s an app for android and iOS devices. 
  • Everyone from students, teachers, staff members to parents have their separate login credentials to access the app.
  • All the information of students, as well as school, can be made available in the software for easy access.
  • Regular updates can be sent to the parents so that they are aware of the progress of their children.
  • The software can be modified as per the needs of the school.
  • Daily attendance can be recorded in the app and teachers can even add their remarks. This information can then be forwarded to the parents.
  • There is an inbuilt messaging system, which allows parents to communicate with teachers/staff and the communications can also be recorded for future references.

Impact of the We With You Project in Ponnani

The implementation of Edumia app reshaped the education of government schools of Ponnani.  Some of the major impacts are:

  • It has enhanced the quality of education of government schools and brought them at par with the private schools.
  • A discipline module is included in the app to ensure a high level of discipline in online classes.
  • The government school teachers and students have become smarter and tech-savvy.
  • The software boosted the overall productivity of different departments of schools by eradicating the repetitive tasks. Furthermore, the workload of staff members has also decreased.
  • Students have started taking more interest in studies. So, there has been an overall increase in their attendance percentage.
  • Now, there is complete transparency between the school and parents. Parents know everything related to their child’s performance in school, while the school can contact parents as and when required. 
  • The syllabus and study materials are also made easily available to students online.
  • All the study materials that are saved in the software are kept securely and the same material can be used for upcoming batches.
  • The software saves large chunks of papers thereby saving natural resources.

Success Story:


“Edumia is a tool that in my view is one of the very best in school management software . I always tell people here that Edumia has the best customer service I have ever encountered”,
Chairman, Ponnani Municipality (2015-2020)