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Efficiently Navigating the Realm of Institute's Resources

Inventory Management Module

Welcome to Edumia’s Inventory Management Module – a comprehensive solution designed to bring order and efficiency to the management of school resources. Tailored to the unique needs of educational institutions, this feature-rich module ensures seamless control over inventory, from procurement to distribution. Let’s explore the key features that make Edumia the go-to solution for effective inventory management

Manage school inventory with edumia

Stock Category

Edumia's Stock Category feature allows institutions to categorize inventory systematically. Whether it's classroom supplies, textbooks, or sports equipment, this feature ensures a structured and organized inventory system

Stock Items

Manage individual stock items with precision using Edumia's Stock Items feature. Keep track of quantities, expiration dates, and usage, ensuring that every item is accounted for with accuracy


The Vendor feature in Edumia simplifies the management of suppliers. Keep detailed records of vendor information, track purchase histories, and foster transparent and efficient relationships with suppliers.


Edumia's Purchase feature facilitates a streamlined procurement process. From generating purchase orders to recording invoices, this feature ensures that the acquisition of inventory is efficient and well-documented


Edumia's Transfer feature enables effortless inventory transfers between locations. Whether redistributing supplies between classrooms or campuses, this feature ensures accurate tracking and accountability


Yes, teachers can mark attendance even if they are offline. The data will be automatically synced to the system once they come back online

Parents can view their child's attendance data through their secure Edumia login. They can see if their child is present, absent, or late for each class, and also receive any notifications sent by the teacher

Yes, teachers can mark absences as excused or unexcused and add notes with specific reasons. This information is recorded within the system and accessible in reports

Edumia offers flexibility in attendance marking. Teachers can use traditional methods like roll call or implement advanced options like biometric scanners or RFID cards depending on your school's preference and infrastructure

Yes, Edumia allows you to generate detailed attendance reports for any date range, individual student, class, or subject. You can download these reports in various formats for further analysis or record-keeping

In the dynamic landscape of educational resource management, Edumia’s Inventory Management Module stands as a beacon of efficiency and transparency. Elevate your institution’s control over resources, from categorizing stock to managing vendors and seamlessly integrating inventory data with financial records. Edumia is not just a tool; it’s a strategic asset in fostering responsible resource utilization and financial transparency. As we usher in a new era of streamlined inventory management, Edumia remains your dedicated partner in shaping a future where educational resources are optimized, accessible, and meticulously managed. Welcome to a realm of resourceful possibilities with Edumia’s Inventory Management Module

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