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Creating a Welcoming and Efficient School Environment

Reception Management Module

Welcome to Edumia’s Reception Management Module – a sophisticated solution designed to streamline and enhance the operations at your school’s reception area. This feature-rich module ensures a seamless flow of information and services, creating a positive first impression for visitors and providing efficient tools for reception staff. Let’s explore the key features that make Edumia the ideal choice for modern and organized reception management

manage school reception with edumia

Enquiry Module

Edumia's Enquiry Module facilitates the effortless collection and management of inquiries. Capture details about prospective students, parents, and visitors, streamlining the enrollment and information-gathering process.

Visitor Log

The Visitor Log feature in Edumia ensures that every visitor's entry and exit is recorded. Keep a comprehensive log for security purposes and gain insights into visitor patterns and frequencies

Call Log

Edumia's Call Log feature allows reception staff to record and manage telephone inquiries efficiently. Keep track of communication with parents, staff, and other stakeholders, ensuring a thorough record of all interactions

Postal Record

Edumia's Postal Record feature enables reception staff to manage incoming and outgoing postal items seamlessly. Keep detailed records of deliveries, ensuring that packages and correspondence reach their intended recipients promptly


Edumia's Complaint feature streamlines the process of recording and addressing complaints. Ensure that concerns raised by visitors, parents, or staff are addressed promptly and transparently

Gate Pass

Edumia's Gate Pass feature allows reception staff to issue gate passes for visitors. Control access to the premises and enhance security by accurately monitoring and managing visitor movements


Yes, teachers can mark attendance even if they are offline. The data will be automatically synced to the system once they come back online

Parents can view their child's attendance data through their secure Edumia login. They can see if their child is present, absent, or late for each class, and also receive any notifications sent by the teacher

Yes, teachers can mark absences as excused or unexcused and add notes with specific reasons. This information is recorded within the system and accessible in reports

Edumia offers flexibility in attendance marking. Teachers can use traditional methods like roll call or implement advanced options like biometric scanners or RFID cards depending on your school's preference and infrastructure

Yes, Edumia allows you to generate detailed attendance reports for any date range, individual student, class, or subject. You can download these reports in various formats for further analysis or record-keeping

Edumia’s Reception Management Module is not just a tool for managing inquiries and visitor logs; it’s the gateway to a well-organized and welcoming school environment. Elevate your reception area’s efficiency with features that range from visitor tracking to call logs and complaint resolution. As we embark on a future where first impressions matter, Edumia remains your trusted partner in creating a reception experience that reflects professionalism, security, and seamless communication. Welcome to a new era of reception management excellence with Edumia.

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