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Transport Module

Welcome to Edumia’s Transport Management Module – your key to orchestrating a seamless and secure school transportation system. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and transparency, this feature-rich module ensures that the transportation aspect of your institution is not just managed but elevated to a new standard. Let’s explore the key features that make Edumia the ideal solution for comprehensive transport management


Edumia's Route feature allows administrators to plan and optimize transportation routes. Define routes based on student locations, ensuring efficient and timely travel while minimizing travel time and fuel consumption.


Manage your fleet effortlessly with Edumia's Vehicle feature. Keep track of vehicle details, maintenance schedules, and other essential information, ensuring the smooth operation of your transportation services

Vehicle In Charge

: Designate vehicle in-charges responsible for the maintenance and oversight of specific vehicles. Edumia's Vehicle In-Charge feature ensures accountability and efficient management of your school's transportation assets


Edumia's Document feature centralizes all essential transport-related documents. From vehicle registration papers to driver certifications, ensure compliance with legal and safety regulations, promoting a secure and well-documented transportation system


Edumia's Fuel feature empowers institutions to track fuel consumption efficiently. Monitor fuel expenses, identify trends, and implement cost-saving measures, contributing to a sustainable and cost-effective transportation


Edumia's Log feature captures detailed journey logs for each trip. Monitor departure and arrival times, track route deviations, and maintain a comprehensive record of transportation activities for enhanced accountability

Service Record

Edumia's Service Record feature ensures proactive vehicle maintenance. Schedule and track routine maintenance tasks, monitor repairs, and receive timely alerts to keep your transportation fleet in optimal condition.


Edumia's Reporting feature offers a suite of customizable reports for transport management. From Vehicle Maintenance Reports to Route Efficiency Reports, gain valuable insights into the performance of your transportation system


Yes, teachers can mark attendance even if they are offline. The data will be automatically synced to the system once they come back online

Parents can view their child's attendance data through their secure Edumia login. They can see if their child is present, absent, or late for each class, and also receive any notifications sent by the teacher

Yes, teachers can mark absences as excused or unexcused and add notes with specific reasons. This information is recorded within the system and accessible in reports

Edumia offers flexibility in attendance marking. Teachers can use traditional methods like roll call or implement advanced options like biometric scanners or RFID cards depending on your school's preference and infrastructure

Yes, Edumia allows you to generate detailed attendance reports for any date range, individual student, class, or subject. You can download these reports in various formats for further analysis or record-keeping

Edumia’s Transport Management Module is not just about managing buses; it’s about elevating the entire transportation experience for both students and administrators. Experience the power of efficient route planning, proactive vehicle maintenance, and transparent reporting. Edumia is your partner in creating a safer, more efficient, and well-documented school transportation system. Welcome to a new era of transport management excellence with Edumia

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