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Student Attendance Tracking System

Attendance Management System - Empowering Precision and Communication

 Our Attendance Management System is designed to simplify the intricate task of tracking student attendance, ensuring accuracy, and fostering timely communication between schools and parents. With three distinct types of attendance tracking system and instant notifications to absentee’s parents, Edumia is your one-stop solution for comprehensive attendance management


Types of Attendance Tracking

Daily Once Attendance
Edumia's Daily Once Attendance feature allows schools to efficiently mark the presence of students for the entire day with just one entry. This simplified approach streamlines the attendance-taking process, saving valuable instructional time for educators while ensuring accuracy and compliance
Daily Session Wise Attendance
For schools with multiple sessions in a day, Edumia's Daily Session Wise Attendance feature enables the precise tracking of student attendance during each session. This granular level of detail provides valuable insights into student participation throughout the day, facilitating targeted interventions when needed
Subject Wise Attendance
Edumia recognizes the importance of subject-specific attendance tracking. With the Subject Wise Attendance feature, educators can meticulously monitor students' presence in individual subjects. This aids in identifying patterns, understanding engagement levels, and tailoring teaching strategies to meet the unique needs of each subject

Enhanced Efficiency

Edumia's Attendance Management System Module simplifies the attendance tracking process, saving valuable time for educators, and allowing them to focus on what matters most – teaching

Precision in Tracking

With three distinct attendance tracking options, Edumia provides schools with the flexibility to choose the level of granularity that best suits their needs, ensuring precision in monitoring student attendance

Proactive Communication

Instant notifications to parents ensure that they are informed about their child's absence in real-time, fostering a proactive partnership between educators and parents in supporting students' academic success

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate comprehensive reports on attendance patterns, enabling schools to identify trends, address potential issues, and make data-driven decisions to enhance overall educational outcomes.


Yes, teachers can mark attendance even if they are offline. The data will be automatically synced to the system once they come back online

Parents can view their child's attendance data through their secure Edumia login. They can see if their child is present, absent, or late for each class, and also receive any notifications sent by the teacher

Yes, teachers can mark absences as excused or unexcused and add notes with specific reasons. This information is recorded within the system and accessible in reports

Edumia offers flexibility in attendance marking. Teachers can use traditional methods like roll call or implement advanced options like biometric scanners or RFID cards depending on your school's preference and infrastructure

Yes, Edumia allows you to generate detailed attendance reports for any date range, individual student, class, or subject. You can download these reports in various formats for further analysis or record-keeping

In conclusion, Edumia's Attendance Management System Module is more than just a tool for recording attendance; it's a powerful system designed to enhance efficiency, precision, and communication in the school environment. Experience the difference with Edumia and elevate your school management to new heights
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