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edumia for schools

The education sector in African countries have witnessed an immense expansion in terms of the number of institutes and students in the past few decades. The policies and dealings related to a mix of educational functions like admission, parent-teacher communication, courses, examination, fees and management have grown multiple folds and now keeps on updating frequently. Also, it has been a notable feature that the information technology tools have given innovative solutions to facilitate efficient management of these functions.

This trend has brought about a growth in the need of technology enabled tools at schools, universities, colleges and training institutions to use technology that delivers effective management solutions. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is one such tool.

The combination of ERP system and technology in educational institutions is a need of the hour because of the ever-increasing necessity for centralized access to data. The need to optimize resources leads to better preparation of staff members which is achievable through integration of the ERP system. Some basic and evident importance of an ERP solution is that it does not require a very high capital investment to get things rolling but gives you very high returns and helps in reducing manpower expenses, Edumia is the best example.

The cloud-based ERP systems are now captivating over the conventional methods of supervising data and processes because of its high range of advantages such as:

  • Data storage capacity along with security and control.
  • Gives a real-time access to administrators of Institutes to handle operations of campuses and helps in quick decision making.
  • Minimise up-front investments in IT hardware and servers. With the cloud based system you don’t need to hire too many specific staff members to control the data flow.
  • More importantly, with cloud technology; product enhancements are painless, customisations and integrations automatically update with system upgrades which assure that the business keeps on running with the most advanced capabilities.