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Mr. Shejith Edathil is a visionary educator who started Futuring to impart high-quality coaching to aspirants of JRF/NET and JAM entrance examinations. The institute offers courses to 2nd year and 3rd-year students. They also have separate classes for the repeater batch. Within 7 years of its inception, this one-of-its-kind coaching institute delivered results that speak for themselves. 23 students were selected in IISER, 44 were selected in IIT while 39 students were selected in JRF/NET GATE. However, there were certain challenges that were stopping Futuring to expand its wings in other areas, and Edumia came to the rescue.

Challenges faced by Futuring before Edumia’s implementation

Today, aspirants can access the classes offered by Futuring online and study as per their convenience. This is possible because of Edumia’s implementation in their system. However, things were different for Futuring a year ago when they turned to us. 

Mentioned below are some of the challenges faced by the coaching academy:

  • The founder, Mr. Shejith Edathil had to travel throughout the week from Thrissur to Kannur, covering five districts in order to provide coaching to the students. 
  • Not just Mr. Shejith, but even students had to regularly travel from one district to another to receive the coaching.
  • Futuring partnered with many colleges to provide coaching to the students there. Different colleges had allocated different timings for the coaching class and managing all these together was a huge challenge for Mr. Shejith. 
  • A major fraction of Mr. Shejith’s time was involved in traveling, and he hardly had time for self preparations or to focus on other projects. 
  • As classes were conducted in an offline setup with limited seating capacity, so only a few students could attend a single session. However, Mr. Shejith didn’t want to restrict his classes. 

Owing to these challenges, Futuring looked for a solution whereby they could handle all projects from a single point and whereby learning material could be made available to the aspirants. 

Edumia’s Implementation

The team at Edumia understood the problems of Futuring and implemented an all-in-one Edumia app so that the institute could migrate to online classes seamlessly. This app worked as an e-learning platform, learning management system and an admission platform. 

Furthermore, the team helped Futuring in setting up and enhancing its website to provide proper information to the aspirants. All the platforms were linked to a panel. The online admission functionality was added to the website allowing students to clarify their doubts and to register for online courses. Edumia’s platform allowed Futuring to empower its students to study online via live classes or by accessing e-books and video lectures. It also made it easy for teachers to give assignments to students and review their work. 

Impacts of Edumia’s implementation

Post Edumia’s implementation in Sept 2019, Futuring became the first institute in Kerala to offer JRF/NEET and JAM coaching online. Its trial period got over by November and then, it was fully implemented. Hence, all the facilitators, as well as students, got accustomed to online classes much before other institutes resorted to digital classes owing to Covid-19 lockdown.   

When others were struggling to adapt to this new method of online learning, Futuring and its students were continuing the learning process. They did not suffer even for a single day due to sudden lockdown as they were already online. Hence, Futuring survived the pandemic phase very conveniently. 

The early implementation of Edumia app impacted the institute in a number of ways:

  • It saved Mr. Shejith’s time that was otherwise elapsed in traveling. 
  • It allowed several aspirants to attend sessions as there was no seating limitation
  • The online admissions portal benefited both the institute as well as the students. 
  • The website of Futuring served as the primary source of information for all aspirants. It also served as a virtual point of contact.
  • It allowed students to study from the comfort of their place
  • There are study materials at the disposal of students 
  • There are recorded classes for those students who miss any online class
  • It empowered Mr. Shejith to serve as a one-man-army and handle everything from a single point
  • He got more time for self-preparations and to focus on other projects. 
  • Early implementation and migration to online classes sheltered the institute during the pandemic phase. 
  • The mobile was launched by the former Chairman of ISRO, which enhanced the popularity of the app. 

Success Stories: 

Futuring Official Mobile App Launch by Padma Vibhushan Dr. G. Madhavan Nair (Former ISO Chairman) 


“We rely on Edumia Learning App; it is a core application for our operations. Thanks guys, you’re the best in the business, as always.”

Mr. Shejith Edathil,
Director Futuring Learning Solutions Private Limited