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It’s a common conception that the level of education and facilities offered by private schools is much better than the government schools. However, this is not the case in Kozhikode region. Here, government schools are at par with the private schools, owing to Educare

What is Educare Project?

Educare is a one-of-its-kind initiative of Kozhikode Zila Panchayat in association with Edumia. Through this initiative, they aimed to enrich the quality of education in government schools of the region along with ensuring the safety of students as well as the school. Over 6 different projects are part of this initiative. Its chief project includes implementation of the School Management System by Edumia. It began as a pilot project that was initially implemented in 6 schools. Later, Edumia’s school management app got extended to 122 schools, following its success.

Challenges faced by govt schools prior to Edumia’s implementation

The government schools of Kozhikode faced a plethora of challenges before the implementation of Edumia:

  • The biggest challenge was pertaining to the transparency among parents, teachers, students and school’s management.
  • There was an evident communication gap between the school and the parents. In fact, parents even missed many important updates related to the progress of their children in the school.
  • Though schools had the option to conduct online classes and exams, the management of exams and reporting sounded tedious.
  • Multi-school management was the biggest hurdle for the government bodies
  • Recording and tracking of school’s data was another time-consuming process, which even impacted the productivity of each department.

Solutions offered by Edumia

Edumia helped the government schools of Kozhikode by implementing a school management system into their infrastructure. Edumia’s all-in-one app served as a knowledge platform for students, admission, and administration management system for the school and an information platform for the parents. The feature of the Virtual classroom was integrated into the platform. Furthermore, light board technology was deployed to bring subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Social Science, Biology, and English at students’ disposal. Mr. Babu Parasseri unveiled the Virtual class functionality, which brought more traction to the app.

Mobile App Inauguration Ceremony

Some of the benefits of Edumia’s app are:

  • The platform is accessible anytime, anywhere, and using any device.
  • Each student receives a unique ID, and parents are notified after registration of their child.
  • This mobile app and software can be customized based on the schools’ preferences.
  • Children’s daily attendance can be quickly recorded and teachers can even make remarks on it. The attendance report is then shared and can be accessed by the parents.
  • Parents get separate login credentials to keep track of the developments of their child and be a part of their education.
  • The app and software facilitate parents to communicate with the admin staff and teachers directly as and when required, just from the comfort of their home.
  • The app has an inbuilt messaging system. All the communications can be recorded for future references.
  • The platform allows teachers to upload notes and other learning resources, while students can download them and study as per their ease.
  • It facilitates virtual classes and lectures powered by light board technology.
  • All the information of students, as well as school, can be made available in the platform along with different reports.

Impact of Edumia App on Kozhikode Government Schools

The Kozhikode government schools are the first government schools in India to implement the international infrastructure. The implementation of Edumia’s software and app impacted the schools to a great extent. Here are some major impacts:

  1. The quality of education of government schools improved by several folds.
  2. Students became more aware and they started taking more interest in their studies.
  3. The percentage of attendance in government schools all over Kozhikode increased substantially.
  4. There was a discipline module that ensured high level of discipline was maintained.
  5. Edumia facilitated complete automation that reduced workload and enhanced school’s productivity
  6. Edumia’s implementation facilitated parents to be well-informed of the progress of their children. The communication gap between school and parents was also bridged.
  7. Syllabus and study materials were made easily available to students online.
  8. The platform serves as an ultimate learning platform whereby teachers upload learning materials and model papers that can be accessed by students seamlessly.
  9. It leads to more secure data storage and accurate reporting
  10. It enhanced the competency of government teachers and made them more technologically advanced
  11. The platform fostered collaboration between teachers, school, management, and parents beyond the school boundaries. This increased the transparency between the teachers and parents.
  12. It saved large chunks of papers thereby saving natural resources.
  13. It eradicated redundant tasks and enhanced the productivity of each department of the school.

Success Story:

Educare got the best education project award from the Kerala Government (2017-18)


“We are very happy with Edumia; very serious and consistent in their work. Fawaz and his team have always been there for us all the time. This is a company I can recommend to anyone. ”

Mr. Babu Parasseri
President, Kozhikode District Panchayat (2015-2020)