Why Parent Login System for Schools ?


The best in a child can be only brought out with the combined effort of both parents as well as teachers.But most of the time what happens is that the school authorities do not have a proper gateway for expressing their appreciations or concerns about each child to his/her parents. In this busy world parents are often engaged in a tight schedule to even attend a parent teacher meeting.


Edumia – School Management Software

Using Edumia’s very simply and 100% secure system, Schools will be able to produce a detailed report of each and every student thus helping parents in accessing it in just a click!. Teachers can login into to the system and evaluate every dimensions of a child. Sessional marks, Attendance report, Awards and appreciations recieved, Complaints and Concerns, Timetables, School schedules etc can be made available to every parent on a regular basis. Having such an advance system also portrays to the society that your school is in par to the latest technological advancements in the educational field.

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