Importance of Online Classes During Lockdown?

Online classes via Skype, zoom etc. are really helpful for everyone in the society especially children as they are benefited with the same purpose of learning that they initially were before the lock down started. This is helping the teachers too as they get to communicate with their students and share knowledge. Due to the pace at which the online classes are functioning the students are able to dedicate some time learning even though they are actually not going to the place at which it is taught.

Not only studies but various other extra-curricular activities including exercise, music, motivational speaking, author talks and all other possible activities are virtualized now. This is a platform for everyone to interact even though they are far away from each other and enables flexible communication. A number of people from various parts of the state, country or even the world can participate in these online platforms either by hosting the talks or being a part of it.

The resources needed are just a proper wi-fi connection, an invite or an account in one of the online platforms and a digital device such as a phone or laptop. One can even interact and talk with their family, friends or relatives who are in different parts of the country or the world. However, there are some disadvantages too as, at one time a number of people get into the meeting then there may be a few connection problems in one of their houses but it affects the whole meeting. When something has to be done together by everyone in the meeting for example singing together then the sounds are really hard to distinguish and everyone’s voice is not clearly heard.

More so the teacher finds it hard to teach new lessons as it is hard to comprehend whatever they are saying. There are both advantages and disadvantages to this method of teaching and learning but in these lock down times they are truly vital as they are easy and beneficial forms of virtual communication.

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