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Single Solution

One Stop Solution
for Modern School Management

Admission Management

Streamline the traditional admission process, Edumia Digitize the whole admission process

Student Information

complete information of a student from their profile regarding reports, fees, activities, remarks, records

Attendance Management

Get detailed attendance reports and individual student information with Edumia


Edumia Exam Management is a useful tool that facilitates the teachers in managing exams efficiently


Edumia's Library Management System keeps track of allotment of books to the students and stock management of books

Transport Management

Allows you to add vehicle and driver details, create routes and stops. Allot students to routes and manage school transport


Edumia manages entire expense and income of an institution. It helps to customize and manage different category of expenses and incomes. It has a comprehensive Fee classification system making easy fee submission

User Login

This modules plays an important role in offering security at different levels for management of ERP, where the administrator will have sole access to the entire system, vesting the limited rights for different users to prevent unauthorized access.


Module helps to manage the various administrative processes including the management of the various classes, courses, and batches of classes/Courses


Create all basic information of class, course and sections of the institute, so that software can blend in with the present structure of your institute


Displays Events, Examination, Holidays with separate color for each action as categorized. Edumia gives easy navigation through months.


All notices and announcements can be posted by the institute administrator to keep parents, students, staffs informed on upcoming events, news, examinations and other activities of the institute