Edumia is a robust institute management app that is revolutionizing the education system of government schools in Kozhikode district

Edumia, which began its operations with an endeavor to bring a radical change in the education system in India, recently enjoyed the success of its first pilot project that was implemented in the district of Kozhikode. The project that began with 5 government schools has now scaled up to 150+ government/aided schools, bestowed to the consistent hard work of the entire team of Edumia.

About the project

The pilot project began with 5 government schools of the district panchayat at Kozhikode. The chief objective of implementing the project was to enhance the teachers-parents communication and to involve the parents in the process of education of their child. Edumia undertook this project to empower the underprivileged students as well as the parents belonging to the Kozhikode district panchayat by introducing them to a new and exciting way of education. For this, Edumia app was implemented in the schools to streamline and manage the day to day operations.

By using the app, the administrators of the schools could manage the daily tasks effortlessly from a single window. The teachers were able to update the attendance, student’s data, student’s marks and other details in the app and they could even upload notes. The students could access the teacher’s notes and other study material by using the app. Furthermore, the parents were able to track the progress of their child and monitor their activities in school. The parents were even able to communicate directly with the students or teachers.

Thus, the app made the parents aware of their child’s whereabouts, enhanced their involvement in their child’s education and even facilitated the parents to easily communicate with the teachers. It rouse interest in the students and empowered the teachers to impart education in an effective way. The end result was quite prominent. There was an exponential growth in the attendance percentage of the students as the parents were alert about their child’s education.

After the success in 5 schools, the district panchayat decided to expand the project to other 39 government schools under them. The team at Edumia also proliferate their efforts in the projects. They uploaded study materials for the students like video lectures, lecture notes, question papers and other resources that assisted the students to grasp knowledge and comprehend the concepts in a better way.  Again, Edumia replicated their success and witnessed an impressive elevation in the attendance percentage. So, for the coming academic year i.e. 2019-20, the district panchayat has expanded the project to 120 schools of the district which even includes the aided schools.  This is just the beginning for the team at Edumia; they endeavor to replicate this success to an even bigger level.

About Edumia

Edumia is an online school management system that assists in the end to end management of various processes of a school or institute. It is a robust tool that empowers the students, teachers, administrators as well as parents through its various features, functionality, and resources thereby keeping them aware and facilitating in easy dissemination of education. The tool is an all-in-one solution that streamlines the operations of a school, allows easy storage and sharing of information, automates and organizes cumbersome tasks thereby enhancing the efficiency of the school’s administration as well as the teachers. It connects students to parents and teachers and allows easy sharing of information.

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